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Fixed Wireless Gas Detection Services

- Wireless Fixed Gas Detection Applications:

      Drilling & Completions (onshore & offshore

      Oil and Gas Facility




      Waste Water Operations

      Manufacturing & Food Processing Facilities


- Professional Services:

     H2S Technicians (24 hour operations)

     On-Site Safety Supervisor

     Well Blow-Out Safety Monitoring

     Mercury Monitoring Program and Personnel

     Calibration of Gas Monitors

     Breathing Air Manifold Systems and Equipment

     Gas Concentration Monitoring

     Calibration and Maintenance of Systems

     Confined Space Rescue Services

     Air Ventilation fans

     Rig-up and Rig-Down of Equipment




Wireless Fixed Gas Detection Brands:

(Rental, Sales, and Repair Services)


- RAE Systems by Honeywell Analytics:

     MeshGuard Wireless Gas Detection System

     Touchpoint Plus Wireless Controller  

     AreaRAE Plus/Pro

- BW by Honeywell

     BW Rigrat by Honeywell

- MSA Safety Company

     Altair IO360 Gas Detector

- RC Systems 

     Sensmart 7000 SIngle/Dual Sensor Monitors


To Schedule a job now, please call today!  (contact information below)

Ivan Bogacki | Wireless Gas Detection Division Manager | Cell: 661.472.3316 |

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If you have any questions about our Fixed Gas Detection Services, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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