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Drug Testing Services

AMERICAN SAFETY DRUG TESTING SERVICES offers expert program management for both DOT and corporate policies.  We provide several forms of substance abuse policies, including the following three DOT agencies:

                    (1) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “FMCSA”

                    (2) Federal Transit Administration “FTA”

                    (3) Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration “PHMSA"

Our client-specific policies (non-DOT) are fully customizable to address individual client needs and requirements.


We have an exceptional success rate developing, implementing, and administering complex drug and alcohol programs.  It is our practice to review and evaluate each client’s existing drug and alcohol testing policy.  Based on our findings, we make recommendations for any adjustments to those policies to ensure compliance with regulatory and/or company requirements.


Drug Testing Program Services


  • Alternative Testing:  American Safety Services provides alternative drug screening methods, including hair and saliva testing (instant screening).


  • Policy Development & Assessment: American Safety Services assists employers in new policy development or reviews exiting policies for needed improvements. We also supply the official policies of all six DOT regulatory agencies.


  • Collection Site Selection & Management: Utilizing a database of over 8,000 certified collection facilities nationwide, American Safety Services provides both onsite and offsite drug screen collections.


  • Laboratory Analysis: All of American Safety Services' laboratory partners are approved by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and only use GC/MS for specimen analysis. To ensure the most accurate analysis possible, all of our labs are dual-certified, (SAMHSA and CAP).


  • Random Pool Management: American Safety Services offers complete random pool selection and management.  This automated process is managed through our online data management system. Random lists are produced from active employee rosters and downloaded into American Safety Drug Testing Services during account implementation.


  • Medical Review Officer: American Safety Services' MRO service is headed by Dr. Raymond Deutch, a certified AAMRO.  Our MRO staff is highly trained and experienced in the intricacies of medical review, with internal processes kept in strict compliance with DOT regulations.


  • Compliance Assistance: American Safety Services has one of the most widely recognized compliance services in the industry where clients are afforded complete compliance support, including regulatory updates and audit assistance


Drug Testing Training Programs


American Safety Services offers its clients the training necessary to successfully manage their employee screening programs. As a service to our clients, we offer the following classroom training sessions:


  • DER/Communicator (Free of Charge): DER stands for "Designated Employer Representative." This person is responsible for receiving their company's drug and alcohol test results, and communicating substance abuse policy and program requirements to company employees. This comprehensive course educates the DER/Communicator on related duties, program administration, forms, procedures, and rules and regulations. DER/Communicator Training is offered in several ways, including online, classroom style, and via teleconference


  • Supervisor Awareness: This course details the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable substance abuse (drugs/alcohol), and covers supervisor guidelines associated with reasonable suspicion testing (fulfills consortium and DOT requirements). This three hour session fulfills Consortium and DOT requirements. Supervisor Awareness Training is offered three ways:

                    (1) CD Version

                    (2) Classroom style at a American Safety Services' facility

                    (3) On-site at the client's facility


  • Employee Education Training: This course provides employees with detailed information about the risks associated with alcohol and substance abuse. This one hour course fulfills consortium and DOT requirements. Employees Education Training is offered two ways: 

                    (1) ​​Classroom style at our facility; or

                    (2) On-Site at your facility


  • Drug and Alcohol Collector Training: Breath Alcohol - This course teaches the proper methods, procedures, and techniques required to properly operate an alcohol screening device and provide accurate collections. This four hour course is offered classroom style.


  • Drug and Alcohol Collector Training: Specimen Collection - This course teaches the proper methods and procedures required for certification as a urine specimen collector. This four hour course is offered classroom style.


  • Staying on Top of DOT Regulations: This course includes an overview of the major elements in 49 CFR Part 40 and point of collections testing. This 4 hour course is offered classroom style.

If you have any questions about our Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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