RAE Systems new QRAE 3 is a versatile, rugged, one-to-four sensor pumped or diffusion gas monitor that provides continuous exposure monitoring of oxygen (O2), combustibles, and toxic gases, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) for workers and responders in hazardous environments.

The QRAE 3’s wireless communications capability enables access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status (including Man Down alarm) from any location for better visibility and faster response.  Real-time hazard readings can also be communicated to the ProRAE Guardian Safety System and theEchoView Host Mini-ControllerClosed-Loop Wireless System for safety-enhancing wireless monitoring.

The wireless QRAE 3 monitor provides safety officers and commanders real-time remote access to the readings and alarm status of workers and responders.  Safety officers who are outside the immediate incident area can have the same real-time situational awareness as those in the “hot zone.”  This can help facilitate faster, data-driven decision making to alert responders, save lives and protect assets.
















When you’ve got your hands full in the field, you need no‑hassle gas detection you can count on: the BW Clip4 four-gas detector. Wearable,
easy multi-gas detection that’s always on. No charging, no battery replacement, no hassle. Simpler, low cost of ownership guaranteed by
the Honeywell commitment to quality, and backed by a full ecosystem of supporting technologies. When you clip on the BW Clip4 you know – it’s on.


Always On: 2-Year Continuous Runtime
Once activated, you can rest assured that the BW Clip4 is always on. Two years of runtime with no charging, no maintenance or servicing, and no battery replacements — and we stand behind the BW Clip4 with a two‑year warranty to cover its entire service life. Just replace it after two years and switch on a new one.
















The EchoView Host Mini-Controller helps elevate safety and enable faster incident response.  This rugged, Class 1, Division I, intrinsically safe portable controller can automatically establish a self-contained wireless network with up to eight portable gas monitors (such as theToxiRAE Pro or MultiRAE) and display their real-time readings and alarm status on an easy-to-read screen. An EchoView Host-based, closed-loop, wireless gas monitoring solution gives safety officers who may be outside the immediate incident area the same real-time visibility into responders’ and workers’ gas monitor readings and alarm status as if they were directly in the 'hot zone'.

MiniRAE 3000















The MiniRAE 3000 is the most advanced handheld volatile organic compound (VOC) detector on the market. Its Photoionization Detector's (PID) extended range of 0 to 15,000 ppm makes it an ideal instrument for applications from industrial hygiene, to leak and HazMat detection.

The RF modem allows real-time data transmissions with a base controller located up to 500 feet (or two-miles with optional RAELink3 portable modem) away from the MiniRAE 3000 detector. A personal computer can be used as the base station for a MiniRAE 3000 system. The standard ProRAE Remote software is capable of monitoring the input of up to 64 remotely-located monitors like MiniRAE 3000, or AreaRAE, etc.

 MultiRAE Family


















MultiRAE portable multi-threat monitors combine best-in-class gas and radiation detection capabilities with wireless connectivity and Man Down Alarm to help elevate the safety of workers and responders, and reduce facility downtime.

MultiRAE family instruments, including MultiRAE Pro multi-threat chemical and radiation detectors, MultiRAE six-gas monitors with advanced volatile organic compound (VOC) detection, and MultiRAE Lite pumped and diffusion personal protection and confined space entry instruments, can be configured with over 25 sensor options (such as ppb and ppm PID, NDIR, and exotics) to exactly match the monitoring needs of a variety of applications.

MultiRAE monitors boast the largest display and longest extended battery runtime in their class, as well as an ergonomically contoured housing that is rugged, dust-tight and waterproof (IP-65 / IP-67 ratings). A compartmentalized design of the MultiRAE simplifies the replacement of its sensors, pump, and plug-and-play battery, and the AutoRAE 2 Automatic Test and Calibration System makes bump testing and calibration as easy as the press of a button.

All MultiRAE monitors are certified as intrinsically safe for Class I, Division 1 (CSA) and Zone 1 (ATEX, IECEx) hazardous atmospheres, and the MultiRAE and MultiRAE Pro are compliant with the military performance standard MIL-STD-810G.

If you have any questions about our Gas Detection Services, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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